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To give prominence to case administration and management under their institutional arbitration rules, the main arbitral institutions worldwide often set up internal and designated organizations to perform these institutional functions. On October 13, 2021, the 17th CAA Board of Directors approved the establishment of CAA Court of Arbitration, to oversee case management, provide the parties with impartial, professional and efficient services, as well as to assist the arbitral tribunals to make enforceable awards.

As an internal and independent organization, CAA Court of Arbitration represents CAA in administering cases in accordance with the current arbitration law of Taiwan as well as in deference to the arbitral tribunal's jurisdiction. In addition to the matters that shall be decided by CAA in accordance with Taiwan's arbitration law and CAA's arbitration rules, the Court may also decide specific procedural disputes on the basis of the parties' agreement. CAA Court's responsibilities include making preliminary decisions on CAA's competence to administer the arbitration, arbitrators' appointment and challenge, amounts in dispute and arbitrators' fees and ethics, as well as scrutiny of arbitral awards and interpretation of CAA's arbitration rules.