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  • What is arbitration?

  • What are the advantages of arbitration?

  • What is “institutional” arbitration and what is “ad hoc” arbitration?

  • What legislation governs arbitration in Taiwan? What is the basis of the arbitration legislation and does it distinguish between international and domestic arbitrations?

  • How much will it cost to arbitrate at the CAA?

  • How is the CAA arbitration fee schedule determined?

  • How do arbitration proceedings commence?

  • What are the requirements of an enforceable arbitration agreement?

  • Who can be appointed as an arbitrator?

  • Who can appear as counsel?

  • How long does it take for the arbitral tribunal to render the award?

  • What constitutes a Taiwan award under the Arbitration Act?

  • What constitutes a foreign award under the Arbitration Act?

  • How is a domestic award enforced in Taiwan?

  • How is an international award enforced in Taiwan?

  • Is Taiwan a party to the New York Convention?

  • Can arbitral awards made in Taiwan be recognized and enforced in other countries?