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CAA Panel of Mediators
CAA currently has more than 170 registered mediators. Every registered mediator is qualified to assist the parties in resolving disputes in an amicable, efficient and confidential manner. The panel of registered mediators is organized in accordance with the mediators' area of specialty.
For a complete list of the CAA Panel of Mediators, please refer to CAA Panel of Mediators
Guidelines for Inclusion
CAA welcomes mediation experts, scholars and practitioners to register as a CAA mediator. In accordance with the CAA Mediation Rules, a person who possesses professional knowledge and meets one of the following criteria may be registered as a CAA mediator:
  1. Received a degree from an accredited college or university, enrolled in the CAA Mediation Center's mediation training program and has received the certificate of completion;
  2. Enrolled in a domestic or foreign mediator training course certified by the Center and received a certificate of completion;
  3. Registered as a mediator at a foreign or domestic mediation institute accredited by the Center;
  4. Hired as a lecturer by a domestic or foreign mediation training center; or
  5. Was formerly a mediator registered at a domestic or foreign court of law or arbitration institution, and completed the CAA mediator training program.
Qualified applicants are encouraged to complete an application form and submit to the Qualification Review Board of the Mediation Center, subject to approval by the CAA Board of Directors.
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Mediation Registration Form (pdf.)