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Diversity of Dispute Resolution Services
CAA provides a wide spectrum of dispute resolution services including arbitration, mediation, dispute review board (DRB) and dispute adjudication board (DAB).

As the most experienced arbitral institution in Taiwan, CAA has been providing high quality case management for more than six decades, and has administrated nearly 4,000 cases since the year 2000. For more details about CAA’s arbitration-related services, please visit Why arbitrate at CAA webpage.

CAA Mediation Center was established in May 2003. As the only private meditation institution established under Article 45 of the Arbitration Act, the Center administers mediation under its own rules and has a set of ethical codes for its mediators. For more details about CAA Mediation Center and its services, please visit CAA Mediation Center webpage.

The Dispute Review Board (DRB) and Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) provide additional options for alternative dispute resolution, and are widely used in construction. Learning from international experiences, CAA has stipulated its own DRB and DAB rules. For more details, visit DAB/DRB webpage.

State-of-the-Art Facilities
Located at the heart of Taipei City, CAA maintains several modern and comfortable facilities for conducting hearings and meetings in its Taipei main office and its regional offices. These well-equipped rooms are flexibly adjustable in size to accommodate the users. Each room has a high-definition projector, a pull-down projection screen, Wi-Fi, microphones, and audio recorder. A multi-point HDTV video conference system is also available. The largest room setting consists of 30 square meters and can accommodate 200 people. CAA can also provide additional services, including simultaneous interpretation, transcription, catering, and expedited dispatch of documents for delivery.

Training, Educational and other Promotional Activities
CAA is dedicated to promote the use of ADR. It provides regular training and educational courses for arbitrators and mediators. For more details please visit CAA Arbitrator Training and CAA Mediator Training webpage.

Other promotional activities include conferences, workshops, guest lectures, tours and collaborative events relating to ADR.

Pro Bono Legal Services
Anyone who has inquiries relating to arbitration, meditation, DAB/DRB or other forms of ADR may approach CAA through e-mail or telephone. While CAA staff members can provide preliminary response or guidance, it should be noted that such response or guidance does not in any way constitute legal advice. If you require in-person legal assistance, please contact us to register for CAA’s biweekly pro bono legal consultation provided by experienced lawyers.