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Cross-Strait Cooperation

Pursuant to Article 74 of the "Statute Governing the Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area" and Article 19 of the "Regulations for Recognition Civil Judgments of the Courts of the Taiwan Region." arbitral awards made in the Taiwanese region may be recognized and enforced by mainland Chinese courts, and vice versa.

To enhance and improve cross-strait arbitration cooperation, the CAA and the leading arbitral institutions in China have agreed to collectively:

Promote the use of arbitration for cross-strait commercial transactions;
Exchange lists of recommended arbitrators;
Set up cross-strait arbitrator and mediator-training courses;
Enhance cross-strait mediation mechanism;
Establish joint model arbitration and mediation clauses and recommend them to Taiwanese and mainland Chinese businesspersons; and
Discuss the creation of a joint cross-strait mediation and arbitration institution.