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CAA Mediation Center

CAA Mediation Center was established in May 2003 and remains the only non-governmental mediation institution in Taiwan. The Center provides mediation services for civil and commercial disputes, accredited mediator training and other mediation-related educational activities.

Mediation Services
Mediation is conducted on a voluntary basis, where the parties engage a neutral third person (mediator), who assists and encourages the parties to reach a settlement amicably, but without making or imposing any decisions for the parties. CAA Mediation Center also offers initial mediation services to arbitrating parties with minor claims without extra cost.

CAA Mediation Center’s fee schedule is set in accordance with The Republic of China Rules on Arbitration Institution, Mediation Procedures, and Fees, stipulated jointly by the Executive Yuan and Judicial Yuan. The fees for each case includes the mediator's fee and the Center’s administrative fee. CAA mediators do not charge on an hourly basis. Instead, their fees are fixed by reference to the amount of the dispute. Please refer to Mediation Fee Calculator and Articles 25, 26, 50 and 51 of the Rules on Arbitration Institution, Mediation Procedures, and Fees <link>.