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The CAA-CAAI Dual-Track System of Arbitration
With a vision to promote arbitration and ADR in the Asia-Pacific region, CAA (Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei) and CAAI (CAA International Arbitration Centre) provide quality and trustworthy services, especially for resolving cross-border disputes involving Chinese and/or Taiwanese elements.

The CAA-CAAI dual-track system means that arbitrations seated in Taiwan are administered by CAA under CAA Arbitration Rules, while arbitrations seated outside Taiwan are administered by CAAI under CAAI Arbitration Rules. By providing a choice between two distinct sets of rules and administering entities based on the choice of arbitral seat, this unique dual-track system provides the parties with flexibility, efficiency and enforceability, regardless of whether their arbitrations are to be seated in or outside Taiwan.

CAA is the oldest non-governmental and non-profit arbitral institution in Taiwan, with a wealth of experiences in providing arbitration services and contributing to the development of alternative dispute resolution since its establishment in 1955. Its Mediation Center was established in 2003, followed by other dispute resolution mechanisms such as Dispute Review Board (DRB) and Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB).

CAAI was established in 2018 as CAA’s first foreign branch and registered in Hong Kong as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. It specialises in cross-border arbitrations seated outside Taiwan, as well as bilingual arbitrations in Chinese and English. The CAAI Court of Arbitration is constituted to engage the worldwide expertise and experiences of its members. As a neutral and independent body overseeing the compliance of CAAI Arbitration Rules, the CAAI Court will convene and decide on certain procedural issues to enhance the impartiality, efficacy and enforceability of CAAI arbitrations and awards. CAAI Website

Distinctive features of CAAI Arbitration Rules include: double time limits on closure of proceedings and award-making; three-tiered approach to language and seat of arbitration; streamlined approach to emergency measures and interim measures; harmonised approach to the initial commencement of single arbitration for multiple contracts, and the subsequent consolidation of arbitrations.

As neutral and professional arbitral institutions for the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, CAA and CAAI, with their dual-track system of arbitration as well as diversity of arbitrators, continue to help the parties to resolve disputes effectively and efficiently by aligning with international standards and practices while accommodating the parties’ specific needs.

For more information on the CAA-CAAI dual-track system of arbitration, please see: CAAI Website featuring CAAI rules & model arbitration clause for this dual-track system of arbitration