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Dr. Fuldien Li hands over CAA Chairmanship to Dr. Joe Y. C. Wu


In the afternoon of January 5, 2023, CAA held the 17th-18th Chairmanship Handover Tea Ceremony. Dr. Fuldien Li handed over the CAA Chairmanship to Dr. Joe Y.C. Wu. The event was witnessed by the newly-elected and the outgoing Convener of CAA Board of Supervisors, Mr. Hwang-Ming Chen and Mr. Ping-Chao Chang as well as other Directors and Supervisors.

CAA is the longest-established and most comprehensive arbitral institution in Taiwan, with the largest administered caseload. Dr.  Fuldien Li has devoted himself to legal education for over 40 years and has a wealth of knowledge and political experience. He taught at Chinese Culture University, Shih Hsin University, and Soochow University, and served as member of the Legislative Yuan as well as the Control Yuan. Dr. Li has made many contributions to international and cross-strait exchanges and to the improvement of Taiwan's arbitration system during his eight years of service as Chairman of CAA.

The new Chairman, Dr. Joe Y. C. Wu, has also long dedicated himself to higher education, and just stepped down from his position as President of Shih Hsin University last year. He received his LL.M. and Ph.D. from University of Washington School of Law. Dr. Wu's peers during his study at College of Law, National Taiwan University include a group of distinguished professionals nowadays. They include Chief Justice and President of the Judicial Yuan Mr. Tzong-Li Hsu, Justices Tzu-Yi Lin, Chih-Hsiung Hsu, Jui-Ming Huang, and Horng-Shya Huang, as well as eminent attorneys Mr. Nigel N. T. Li and Mr. Yung-Ran Lee.

Chairman Wu not only has vast experience in academia, but also has profound experience in arbitration. He served as the Chairman of the Referendum Review Commission of the Executive Yuan and a member of the Public Service Pension Fund Management Board of the Ministry of Civil Service. Chairman Wu also served as the Chairman at the Association of Private Universities and Colleges, National Press Council, and the Taipei Public Access Channel Association. Additionally, he was elected as Independent Director of IBF Financial Holdings, IBFC, Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation, and AGV Products Corporation. Chairman Dr. Wu has been an registered arbitrator for 25 years and has participated in approximately 50 arbitration cases.

Chairman Wu stated that, based upon the solid foundation laid by previous Board of Directors and Supervisors, he will gather the industry, government, and academia to work together to ensure the international integration of Taiwan's arbitration system, and to strengthen the important functions of arbitration as an economic, rapid, fair, and effective alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

Chairman Wu (left) receives the CAA seal from former Chairman Dr. Li (right). Convenors Mr. Chang (second from the right) and Mr. Chen (second from the left) co-supervise the ceremony.

Dr. Li is given a trophy to symbolize his contribution to arbitration.