Conference Room

The CAA maintains several modern and comfortable conference rooms separated by mobile floor-to-ceiling partitions, which can be individually moved to create an ideal meeting space for conferences or arbitration hearings. Users of the rooms can expect privacy. Furthermore, each room is equipped with a high-definition projector, a pull-down projection screen, wireless access to the Internet, microphones, and an audio recorder. A multi-point HDTV video conference system is available upon request. The CAA also offers the following services at additional charges: simultaneous interpretation, transcription, catering, or expedited dispatch of documents for delivery.

Information and Pro Bono Legal Services

The CAA provides information on its dispute resolution proceedings without charge. We can answer inquiries concerning any proposed arbitration or mediation to be administered by the CAA, provide information on arbitration law and procedures and fees, and advise on the appropriate wording of arbitration clauses.

To better serve the general public, the CAA invites experienced attorneys-at-law to provide weekly legal services to the general public free of charge at its Taipei main office.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Library

The CAA maintains one of the best alternative dispute resolution law libraries in the country. In its collection are the most notable ADR journals, international treaties, anthologies of decisions, and other ADR-related publications. The books may be checked out free of charge.

Professional Mediator Training and Continuing Education Courses

The Mediation Center regularly offers mediator training courses. The training is divided into three parts: first, introduction to facilitative mediation and the development of dispute-resolution skills; second, practice sessions; and third, application of mediation skills to resolve actual disputes. To enhance the knowledge of its mediators and to promote the use of mediation, the Center has designed and offers continuing education courses to its mediators, private enterprises, and government agencies.

The courses highlight the importance of handling multi-tiered dispute resolution mechanisms, such as med-arb and arb-med proceedings, which are being more frequently used in long-term and complex construction contracts.

Arbitrator Training Courses

Pursuant to the Arbitration Act, anyone who is not admitted to the bar or hired as a law professor, including architects, engineers, and accountants, is required to receive arbitrator training and obtain a certificate of completion before they can be registered as arbitrators.

Simultaneous Transcription Service

The CAA is the first in Taiwan to adopt simultaneous Chinese transcription services. Arbitrators and the parties can expect to receive a transcript of their hearing immediately after its conclusion.



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