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The CAA Newsletter was launched in March, 2010 to spotlight our latest news and developments, events and topics of interest. We welcome all submissions for future newsletters. Articles should be between 400-600 words and can cover any topic related to ADR.
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Books and Periodical
  Title Date of Publication Price / NT$
Recognition and Enforcement of Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong Awards in Taiwan: A Collection of Court Decisions
(大陸與香港仲裁判斷在台灣之認可裁判輯) (Chinese)
2008-10 350
Model Arbitration Pleadings and Forms
(仲裁書狀範例) (Chinese)
2008-01 450
Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal (English) 


1500 Per Year
Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in the Republic of China (English) 2005-05 1100
Anthology of Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Arbitration
Theses(海峽兩岸經貿仲裁論文集2001~2002) (Chinese)
2003-03 300
Anthology of Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Arbitration
Theses(海峽兩岸經貿仲裁論文集2003~2004) (Chinese)
2005-08 300
Collection of Construction Arbitration Awards
(工程仲裁案例選輯 ) (Chinese)
2000-12 500
CAA Journal (English) Annually 1500 Per Issue
The Arbitration Act and its Court Decisions
(仲裁法判解要旨彙編) (Chinese)
2006-12 350
Construction Law and Claims for Compensation in Practice
(工程法律與索賠實務) (Chinese)
2004-09 400
New Theories of the Arbitration Law (仲裁法新論) (Chinese) 2002-05 600
The Arbitration Quarterly (仲裁季刊) (Chinese) Per Quarter 600 / Per Year
The Arbitration News (仲裁報) (Chinese)


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