On 9 June 2016 the Kobe District Court of Japan granted enforcement of CAA arbitral award No. 103-Zhong-Sheng-He-032 (Judgement Heisei 27 (Chu) No. 1). This is the first case in which an arbitral award made in Taiwan was granted enforcement in Japan. In past cases where one party sought to enforce Japanese awards in Taiwan, the other party often defended on the basis of reciprocity, arguing that Japan was yet to recognise and enforce awards made in Taiwan. Hence this judgment by the Kobe District Court of Japan is a breath of fresh air for mutual recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards between Taiwan and Japan.

CAA has been consistently promoting arbitration, actively responding to the challenges of cross-border enforcement, and gradually accumulating cases of successful enforcement. Furthermore, it has established a foreign branch with mechanisms to safeguard the parties’ interests and minimise the risks of cross-border recognition and enforcement, including the adoption of international standards and flexible selection of arbitral seat. Apart from CAA offices in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, CAA International Arbitration Centre (CAAI) is dedicated to administering international arbitration cases since its registration in Hong Kong on 7 December 2018.


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