The CAA   Mediation Rules were passed in October 2008, to govern all mediation disputes referred to and administered by the CAA. Under the Mediation Rules, mediation may be commenced only if the parties mutually agree to mediate. The parties may mediate in accordance with the CAA Mediation Rules or with any other rules on which they mutually agree. If a party refuses to the terms of a proposed settlement or withdraws its consent to mediate, the mediation fails. However, if the parties agree to settle, the terms may be compulsorily enforced if a settlement agreement is reached through a qualified arbitrator or if the agreement is notarized by a notary public.

CAA Mediation Rules


The CAA Code of Ethics for Mediators ensures the impartiality and independence of its registered mediators. All CAA mediators are required to abide by the CAA Code of Ethics for Mediators.

Code of Ethics for Mediators



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