CAA established a mediation center in May 2003, to manage all mediation cases referred to the CAA. Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding and private ADR process in which a neutral mediator assists the parties to reach a negotiated settlement. A mediator is a trained neutral third party who will evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the parties' legal positions and will offer options for settlement leading the parties to use their best efforts to reach a mutually agreed upon solution. Still, the mediator has no power to impose a settlement. Instead, parties must agree to reach an agreement themselves. Once the parties agree to settle, the settlement agreement is a legally enforceable contract.


CAA Mediation Training Courses

CAA Mediation Center (the Center) is currently the only non-governmental mediation institution in Taiwan. The Center administers mediation cases and provides training for mediators. Its mediation training course of 32 hours over two phases is based on the principle of “facilitate mediation” and included mock mediation practicing instructed by professional tutors, has received positive feedback from all participants.

In order to promote court mediation services and reduce the number of litigation cases, the Judicial Yuan especially collaborated with the Center to hold courses on “Mediation Techniques” in the northern, central, and southern parts of Taiwan respectively. Most participants were judges, court clerks, mediation committee members and other court officers responsible for handling mediation cases. The concept of facilitative mediation together with other new or different mediation techniques were introduced by these interactive courses.



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