A Dispute Review Board (“DRB”) is a low cost ADR method established as part of a construction contract. DRB minimizes the cost of dispute resolution by preventing future litigation or arbitration. Disputes are generally resolved amicably, quickly, and efficiently enabling the project to proceed and meet timelines.

Recent FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) research has shown that more than 97% of disputes are resolved amicably through the DRB process. Many well-known construction projects have included a DRB to reduce cost and prevent future litigation or arbitration, including:

Hong Kong International Airport, Channel Tunnel (Eurotunnel) (the largest privately-funded project in history), Xiaolangdi Multipurpose Dam in Luoyang (US$ 936 million), Massachusetts Turnpike (US$ 14 billion), Ertan Hydroelectric Project in Szechuan Province (US$ 2 billion) , and Sydney Water Board Ocean Outflow Project (US$ 300 million).

If you would like to establish a DRB for your construction project, please contact the Secretariat.  The Secretariat will assist you in setting up the DRB, discuss the estimated costs, and identify the most appropriate DRB members to appoint.









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