CAA Panel of Arbitrators

The CAA currently has 820 registered arbitrators, 30 of whom are foreign nationals. Members on the Panel of Arbitrators possess the necessary expertise and knowledge of specialized fields to assist parties in resolving their differences in an efficient, impartial, and competent manner. Please click here for the complete list of the arbitrators approved by the CAA.

To obtain the complete list of the CAA's Panel of Arbitrators, please press HERE.


Guidelines for Inclusion


Foreign applicants applying for inclusion on the CAA's Panel of Arbitrators must possess legal or other professional knowledge and experience, a reputation for integrity and impartiality , and any of the following qualifications:

  1. law professors who have taught as an assistant or associate professor for 3 years or as a full professor for 2 years;
  2. judges or prosecutors; and
  3. attorneys who have practiced for 5 years.



If you have any questions or inquiries, please write to or call +886 2-2707-8672.

CAA Code of Ethics for Arbitrators

To promote best practices in arbitration and to maintain impartiality and integrity of its registered arbitrators, the CAA passed the Code of Ethics for Arbitrators in 2000, and revised it in December of 2009. Every appointed arbitrator is required to abide by the Code of Ethics. Pursuant to Article 23 of the Rules on Arbitration Institution, Mediation Procedures, and Fees, the CAA Ethics Committee may at its discretion remove or impeach a panelist who fails to observe the CAA Code of Ethics. In addition, a panelist who demands, agrees to accept, or accepts a bribe or other improper benefits may also be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than seven years, pursuant to Articles 121 to 124 of the Republic of China Criminal Code.

Code of Ethics



In line with international trends and demands for arbitrators’ impartiality, independence and objectiveness, CAA replaced its former “Arbitrator Agreement” with the new “Arbitrator Statement” on 3 May 2017. The new CAA Arbitrator Statement refers to the IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration 2014, as well as other international standards and institutional practices. It encourages arbitrators to consider from the reasonable third person’s perspective, thereby disclosing all circumstances that would give rise to the parties’ justifiable doubts as to the arbitrators’ impartiality, independence or objectiveness. The new CAA Arbitrator Statement also includes two important requirements. The undertaking about availability requires arbitrators to act diligently, efficiently and expeditiously. The resignation agreement requires arbitrators to resign in prescribed circumstances.


Appointment of Arbitrator

Appointment of Presiding Arbitrator




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