• The CAA is the leading arbitral institution in Taiwan authorized by the government to administer arbitration, mediation or Dispute Review Board (“DRB”) proceedings.

  • The CAA offers bilingual (English and Chinese) alternative dispute resolution services in Taipei or at any place the parties wish to conduct their arbitration.

  • Taiwan's Arbitration Act is based on the UNCITRAL Model Law of 1985. The Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei Arbitration Rules (“CAA Arbitration Rules”) modeled after arbitration rules of other major institutions, is designed to provide efficient and impartial arbitration, and is regularly updated and revised to incorporate internationally accepted practices and norms.
  • Parties to arbitration administered by the CAA may choose any procedural rules for their arbitration. Parties may arbitrate under the CAA Arbitration Rules, UNCITRAL Model Arbitration Rules, or any other rules on which they mutually agree.

  • Parties are free to retain locally-qualified or foreign legal counsel or non-legal representatives to represent them in a CAA arbitration.

  • The CAA maintains several modern and comfortable hearing rooms to support the conduct of arbitration in its Taipei main office and its regional offices.

  • Despite not being a member of the New York Convention of 1958, Taiwanese arbitral awards have been recognized and enforced around the world.

  • Costs of CAA arbitrations are significantly lower than most other major regional and international arbitration institutions.

  • The CAA is the first in Taiwan to adopt simultaneous Chinese transcription services. Arbitrators and parties will receive a transcript of their hearing immediately after its conclusion.


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