General Assembly

The general assembly, which is convened annually, has the highest authority in the CAA. All important matters of the CAA must be passed by the general assembly, including elections of directors and supervisors; it provides a forum for members to share their views on the CAA's operations.

Board of Directors/Chairperson

Led by a chairperson elected every four years, the board of directors consists of 31 standing and general directors, who are prominent figures from the legal, business and academic sectors. The board is responsible for formulating and executing the CAA's key policies and objectives.

The chairperson is the highest-ranking officer of the CAA. He or she presides over general assemblies and board meetings, acts as the representative of the CAA, and oversees the Secretariat's day-to-day operations.

Board of Supervisors

The board of supervisors has nine standing supervisors. They are responsible for monitoring the CAA's financial condition, including its spending, budgets, and financial reports.


The Secretariat is headed by the secretary-general who is in charge of the day-to-day administration of all disputes referred to the CAA, and carries out the decisions of the boards of directors and supervisors and the general assembly. The Secretariat is divided into 7 divisions: (i) International ADR; (ii) Domestic ADR; (iii) Cross-Str ai t ADR; (iv) Education and Promotion; (v) Administration; (vi) Finance and Accounting; and (vii) Publication.

Mediation Center

The CAA Mediation Center was established in May 2003, pursuant to Article 45 of the Arbitration Act. The center administers all cases referred to the CAA. The center also trains mediators and formulates mediation rules.

Specialized Committees

In order to provide quality alternative dispute resolution services, ensure the impartiality and competency of its arbitrators and mediators , and promote the use of mediation and arbitration both domestically and internationally, the CAA has established the following committees:

Law Research Committee: Responsible for formulating and interpreting the CAA's arbitration and mediation rules.

Training and Study Committee: Responsible for organizing training courses and providing forums for the arbitrators to exchange ideas and share expertise.

Registration Committee: Accepts and reviews all registration applications and registers qualified arbitrators and mediators at the CAA.

Ethics Committee: Ensures the impartiality, competence, and independence of the arbitrators and mediators. Those violating the code of ethics of the CAA will be impeached or expelled from the CAA.

Appointment Committee: Responsible for assigning cases to arbitrators when a party has failed to appoint his/her arbitrator or when the arbitrators have failed to appoint a chairperson.

Fee Determination Committee: Responsible for providing fee adjustment recommendations to the arbitral tribunal when a party objects to the damages awarded by the tribunal.

International Affairs Committee: Responsible for handling the CAA's international affairs, publishing English newsletters, hosting international conferences. and increasing the CAA's international exposure.

Arbitration and Mediation Development & Policies Committee: Responsible for setting the CAA's short- and long-term objectives, handling cross-strait matters, and formulating and implementing the CAA's operational plans.

Construction Dispute Committee:  Consists of leading construction law experts, construction firm managers, and government officials. It was created to research and promote the resolution of construction-related disputes by arbitration.

Other committees: CAA has other specialized committees including: Maritime Arbitration Committee, Intellectual Property Rights Dispute Committee; Financial Arbitration Committee, and Information and Electronics Dispute Arbitration Committee.





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