Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei (“CAA”) is a non-profit organization based in Taipei, Taiwan, addressing disputes through arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution under either its own rules or any other rules agreed upon by the arbitrating parties.

Previously known as the Commercial Arbitration Association of the Republic of China, the CAA has been administering cases efficiently and impartially since its establishment in 1955. Its current name was adopted in 1996, in response to the passage of the Arbitration Act, which allows arbitration of disputes that may be settled in accordance with the law. To provide the public with fast and affordable alternative dispute resolution services, the Association has established a mediation center and a dispute review board.

Today, the Association is the leading arbitral institution in Taiwan and one of the most important arbitration centers in the Asia-Pacific region, handling more than 200 domestic and international cases each year. Its arbitrators include renowned foreign and domestic engineers, attorneys, university professors and other professionals, all of whom are experienced in handling complex, cross-border disputes. For foreign individuals and organizations, the CAA is an ideal forum to arbitrate or mediate their disputes, not only because of its ability to administer bilingual proceedings (English and Chinese) , but also because of the international enforceability of its awards.

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